Have You Ever Wanted To Buy Your Friend A Drink To Celebrate Something Exciting....

But You Don't Live In The Same Town?

That is why we created GYDO.

We live in a hyper connected world where our friends and family are everywhere.

Thanks to social media, they are just a click away. But sometimes we want to do more than just "react" to a post or give a "thumbs up"

Sometimes, life’s big moments deserve to be celebrated

Download the GYDO App today and buy your friend a drink at their favorite bar, winery or brewery from
anywhere in the world.

GYDO. It’s Time To Rethink Your Drink!

What Is GYDO?

GYDO is a mobile application designed to disrupt the drinks industry by connecting breweries and wineries with a global audience of consumers.
Redefining Social
Socialize with your friends anywhere in the world. Buy each other a drink. Redeem A Drink Bought For You!

GYDO is changing the way we think about our drink!
Make New Friends

Meet people around the globe. Crowd Fund someone’s much needed drink. Swipe left – swipe right – make new friends & buy them a drink.

With GYDO Now you can buy your friends a drink at participating venues, worldwide.

GYDO is novel way to buy a friend a drink anywhere in the world!
Rethink Your Drink

Buy myself a drink – earn loyalty rewards (free drinks) Buy a friend a drink @ any participating brewery or winery in the world. Redeem a drink bought for me.
Take advantage of local loyalty rewards, gifts & swag
Crowdfund a Drink – Why not?
We crowdfund for just about everything else!

Get Connected. Download GYDO Today


Every GYDO drink supports clean water & micro financing to developing countries.

Water.org has empowered 17 million people with access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financing.

We seek sustainable financial solutions that empower people with access to the water and sanitation solutions they need.

Meet the GYDO Team

Ryan Williams​

As an expat living in the USA, Ryan has family all over the world. We always miss each others birthdays and celebrations. I have always wanted a way where we can celebrate with one another while we are countries apart. They know my favorite breweries and there are no more excuses.

James Williams

As a post college graduate, I have friends who are now spread all over the US of A. GYDO enables us to stay connected through birthday celebrations, job promotions, sporting events, and engagement parties. We try to see each other once a year, however, perpetually buying drinks at our favorite local drinking spaces, keeps our social circle connected year round

Rachel H. Van Gorp​

I have lived all over the world currently in Dubai. Needless to say, I miss out on celebrating a lot of life’s important events. The only real option is to send flowers or cash. In reality, I want to buy them a drink. Gift certificates are really cumbersome. Imagine if I could buy my friend a drink at their favorite spot? The hardest part living abroad is missing out on the important moments in the lives of the people I care most about. Rachel